About me

I believe that yoga is for everyone and that we all benefit from reconnecting with our breath, bodies and authentic sense of purpose and being in the world. My approach to yoga is "come as you are" this practice is meant to meet and transform you where you are at in your own physical, mental, and spiritual life. 

I have been cultivating my own practice for nearly a decade and began my training as a yoga instructor at Samadhi Yoga Center in Seattle, Washington. I combine dynamic anatomical alignment with mindful mantra, spiritual awareness, and energetic function. My classes are both physically active and a deeper unification of the mind and body-- they'll help you get out of your head and into this moment! Aiming for balance, optimal health, peace of mind, and fun! I assist students through challenging, fun, interesting yoga classes with the belief that yoga is a unique experience for everyone!

I dabbled in yoga for years until I found myself all wound up in stress and worry that I HAD to do something. I went back to yoga. I remember a deep sense of letting go and unwinding in every moment. This profound shift inspired me to take a yoga teacher training to learn more, that changed everything. I can't wait to share it with you!

Yoga is my bliss and sharing it is my dharma (purpose in life). I can't wait to share it with you!